Speaker: Jesse Piccolo

Jesse Piccolo is a passionate advocate for spiritual awakening and consciousness renewal through the lens of the Bible as well as a successful CEO. Drawing from his personal path of overcoming hardships and reaching a level of enlightenment, Jesse speaks on Personal Development, Spirituality, Leadership, Business, and the essence of Winning. His engagements, whether at business conferences, spiritual gatherings, intimate study groups, or corporate workshops, bridge the ancient wisdom of scripture with modern life, empowering attendees to #Tapin to their divine inner truths.

  • Personal

  • Spirituality

  • Leadership

  • Business

  • Bible

  • Winning

Ignite Spiritual Consciousness at Your Next Event

When you book Jesse for your speaking engagement, you can expect the following:

  • Authenticity; He excels at being genuinely himself. No sales pitches or guru speeches.
  • A distinctive approach: He discusses God and the Bible in a way that leads people to profound insights about themselves.
  • Contagious enthusiasm, Jesse has a knack for igniting the spark within his listeners.
  • A team player: With Jesse, it's always about the collective journey, the shared 'us', rather than the singular 'me'.

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