When: Every Monday at 8 PM

Duration:1 Hour

Platform: Zoom

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Dive deep into the worlds of scripture and consciousness with our weekly community calls. Hosted by Jesse Piccolo, these sessions are a beacon for those yearning to connect everyday life experiences and personal states of consciousness to the timeless teachings of the Bible. Every week, a new topic bridges the gap between scripture and contemporary challenges.

What to Expect

  • A welcoming community of others who want to dive into the the world of scripture.
  • Thought-provoking questions to answer on your own.
  • An open discussion about readings, our lives, and any value we can provide.
  • A closer connection to God and how His teachings can be applied in daily life

Our mission is to light the path of truth and spiritual freedom.

Through the profound wisdom of the Bible, we seek to renew global consciousness, ensuring every soul reconnects with the divine power within and stands resilient against impending spiritual battles. The Bible’s Power is in Our Battle. 

Our Core Values



We empower each individual to be a guiding light, exemplifying the virtues of biblical teachings in their daily lives.



We uphold truthfulness as a cornerstone, encouraging open dialogues that resonate with genuine self-reflection and authentic spiritual growth.


Golden Rule

We foster a compassionate environment where everyone is treated with the same kindness and respect they'd wish upon themselves.


Whatever it Takes

Our commitment is unwavering; with tenacity and faith, we're dedicated to understanding deeper truths and supporting each other, no matter the challenges faced.



We collaborate as a team with empathy, ensuring our spiritual journey is one of mutual support.

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