About Jesse

From a promising start in college baseball, Jesse's path took unexpected turns. Dismissed from his team in 2010 for losing sight of his purpose, he found himself at a crossroads in 2012, navigating fatherhood and the end of his baseball dreams. Seeking answers, he began a personal journey with God.

Between 2013-2016, old habits mixed with newfound faith, pulled him between past mistakes and a brighter future. After a major financial setback in 2016, investing in a failed show for the wrong reasons, Jesse made a pivotal return to God. 

By 2017, he got started in the car brokering industry, rapidly becoming a business owner, only to face deception from a partner. Undeterred, he established his own venture in 2020. The challenges of the pandemic in 2021 solidified his mission, leading to the birth of Vetted Ventures.

By 2022, "Piccolo Place" emerged, symbolizing Jesse's commitment to combat societal challenges and guide others towards the transformative power of a relationship with the divine, having firsthand experienced its healing and renewing grace.


Jesse launched #TAPIN recognizing a general disconnect from our inner truths. Many these days lean more towards materialistic desires than spiritual essence. From his own journey, he's witnessed the consequences of these choices. Observing a collective desire for purpose and clarity, he's seen many feel confined by their own thoughts and influenced by external manipulations. Jesse is committed to unveiling truths, rejuvenating global consciousness, and guiding individuals back to their divine core. He emphasizes the importance of aligning with biblical teachings to safeguard spiritual liberty.

How I Got Started

Our mission is to light the path of truth and spiritual freedom.

Through the profound wisdom of the Bible, we seek to renew global consciousness, ensuring every soul reconnects with the divine power within and stands resilient against impending spiritual battles. The Bible’s Power is in Our Battle.