My Story

My Story

The evolution through good times and bad in the physical, mental and spiritual side has shaped my family, business, and relationships.

Here's a video about how I got started: 

  • 2010: Benched from GA Southern's baseball team. A wake-up call.
  • 2012: An unexpected twist: Welcoming my first child and earning a criminal justice degree. This year marked my introspection, self-discovery, and my first steps in a profound walk with God.
  • 2013-2016: A double-edged clarity. My growing connection with God ironically drew me closer to some questionable company, reigniting old habits and challenging my newfound faith.
  • 2016: A humbling financial fall: Lost $100k on a comedy show in Daytona Beach. A misguided attempt to prove myself went awry.
  • 2017: A return to faith, vowing never to stray. Embarked on a new chapter with Veltracon, venturing into car brokering.
  • 2018: Rising stakes, claiming a 33% ownership at Veltracon.
  • 2019: Betrayal strikes as Veltracon crumbles due to an owner's dishonesty.
  • 2020: Riding solo in the car brokering world, armed with lessons from the past.
  • 2021: As the pandemic unveiled global vulnerabilities, Vetted Ventures was born. A testament to God's grace and a beacon for others to find their spiritual compass.
  • 2022: Launch of #TAPIN. Not just a brand, but a mission to combat spiritual voids, guide souls to a higher power, and rejuvenate spirits.

I launched #TAPIN because many are disconnected from their inner selves, often prioritizing the material over the spiritual, a path that can lead to chaos. From personal experience, I've seen the outcomes of both lifestyles.

It's essential we align with the teachings of the Bible; otherwise, we risk losing our spiritual freedom. Our best defense in this spiritual warfare is to place God at the forefront.

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